7 habits that show you’re living the teachings of Jesus every day

Living the teachings of Jesus isn’t about preaching on street corners or carrying a bible everywhere you go.

It’s about the small, everyday habits that reflect His teachings.

You’re probably doing many of these things without even realizing it, and that’s the true beauty of it. Living like Jesus means making choices that reflect love, kindness, and humility each day.

I’ve identified seven habits that indicate you’re living the teachings of Jesus every day. And remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about making a conscious effort to be more Christ-like in our daily interactions. Let’s dive in.

1) Practicing forgiveness

One of the most challenging yet pivotal teachings of Jesus is to forgive.

And it’s not just about forgiving others when they’ve wronged you. It’s also about forgiving yourself for your own shortcomings and mistakes.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re condoning the hurtful action, but it does mean you’re choosing to release the bitterness and resentment that can hold you captive.

We all have been in situations where we felt wronged and holding a grudge seemed like the easier option. But remember, Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Living the teachings of Jesus means practicing forgiveness, even when it’s hard. It’s a daily habit that can transform your life and reflect Christ’s love in a profound way.

So next time you’re faced with a situation where forgiveness seems impossible, remember that it’s an opportunity to live out one of Jesus’ most important teachings.

2) Serving others selflessly

Jesus made it clear that serving others selflessly is at the heart of his teachings.

And boy, have I had my fair share of learning experiences in this area.

A few years back, I found myself living next to a rather challenging neighbor. She was elderly, quite grumpy, and seemed to have a new complaint every day. It would have been easy to dismiss her and avoid interaction.

But one winter, she fell ill. I knew deep down that this was my opportunity to truly live out Jesus’ teaching of selfless service.

So, I started helping her out – whether it was running errands, cooking meals or just spending time listening to her stories. It was tiring and sometimes thankless work, but in the process, I began to see her in a different light.

I learned that she had lived a hard life, full of loss and disappointment. And in helping her, not only did her demeanor change towards me, but I also experienced a profound sense of fulfillment and peace.

This experience taught me that serving others isn’t just about doing good deeds. It’s about showing love and compassion in the face of adversity.

It’s one of the surest ways to live the teachings of Jesus every day.

3) Embodying humility

Humility is another essential teaching of Jesus. He consistently emphasized the importance of being humble and putting others before oneself.

This isn’t about self-deprecation or having a low opinion of oneself. Rather, it’s about recognizing our interconnectedness and valuing others’ needs and perspectives as much as our own.

Interestingly, studies have shown that humble people are more likely to help others and are generally more well-liked. They’re also more likely to be high performers at work and have stronger relationships.

Living the teachings of Jesus means embodying humility in our daily interactions. It’s about treating everyone we meet with respect, regardless of their status or background, and recognizing that we all have something valuable to contribute.

4) Practicing gratitude

Gratitude may seem like a modern buzzword, but it’s deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus.

He often expressed gratitude to His Father for the blessings in His life, setting an example for us to follow.

In our busy lives, it’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong or what we don’t have. But practicing gratitude involves shifting our focus to the blessings we do have.

Whether it’s being thankful for a beautiful sunrise, a kind gesture from a stranger, or the love of family and friends – expressing gratitude can truly transform our perspective.

So, make it a habit to count your blessings, not your problems. This simple practice can help you live the teachings of Jesus every day and bring more joy and peace into your life.

5) Loving unconditionally

Jesus taught us to love one another as He loved us – unconditionally. This means loving others regardless of their flaws, mistakes, or differences.

I learned this lesson in a profound way when my younger brother came out as gay. We were raised in a very conservative community, and his revelation was met with a lot of discomfort and negativity.

It would have been easy to follow the crowd and distance myself. But I realized that this was a crucial moment to live out Jesus’ teachings.

So, I chose love. I chose to support my brother, stand by his side, and love him unconditionally, just as Jesus would have done.

It wasn’t always easy, and at times it felt like us against the world. But choosing to love unconditionally has brought us closer together and deepened my understanding of Jesus’ teachings.

So remember, when we choose to love unconditionally, we’re not just making a statement about the person we’re showing love to – we’re also reflecting the heart of Jesus’ teachings.

6) Being patient in trials

Life is full of ups and downs. And during the tough times, it’s easy to lose sight of Jesus’ teachings. But patience in trials is a core part of His message.

Jesus Himself endured immense suffering with incredible patience, setting an example for us to follow.

Patience isn’t about idly waiting for things to get better. It’s about maintaining faith and staying hopeful, even in the face of adversity. It’s about trusting that there’s a bigger picture and a divine plan at play.

So when you’re faced with trials, whether they be big or small, remember to practice patience. This habit can help you navigate through life’s challenges with grace and resilience, embodying the teachings of Jesus in your everyday life.

7) Living authentically

At the core of Jesus’ teachings is the call to live authentically. He didn’t ask for us to put on a facade or pretend to be someone we’re not. Instead, he encouraged us to live truthfully, in line with our values and beliefs.

Living authentically is about being true to yourself and your beliefs, even when it’s not popular or convenient. It’s about having the courage to stand up for what you believe in and live your life accordingly.

This might mean making difficult choices or going against the grain. But at the end of the day, living authentically is the most powerful way to reflect Jesus’ teachings in your daily life. It’s about honoring your unique journey and using it to make a positive impact in the world.

Reflection: Living the teachings

The essence of Jesus’ teachings is encapsulated in love, forgiveness, service, humility, gratitude, patience, and authenticity.

These aren’t just lofty ideals to aspire to. They’re practical habits that can be woven into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Remember, Jesus said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” And this love isn’t just about feelings. It’s about actions. It’s about choosing to live in a way that reflects His teachings each day.

As we journey through life, these habits serve as a compass guiding us towards a more fulfilling and purposeful existence. They’re not just about becoming better individuals; they’re about making the world around us a little better too.

So as you navigate through your days, remember the impact these habits can have. Reflect on how you can embody these teachings of Jesus in your daily life. Let them inspire you and guide you towards a life of greater love, compassion, and authenticity.

Graeme Richards

Graeme Richards

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