January 19, 2022


Choose the one best answer:

1 On which day did God create the stars?
A The First Day
B The Second Day
C The Third Day
D The Fourth Day

2 Where does the word "sun" first appear in the Bible?
A Genesis
B Exodus
C Leviticus
D Numbers

3 Where is the first occurrence of the word “moon”?
A Genesis
B Exodus
C Leviticus
D Deuteronomy

4 How many stars appear in Joseph's dream?
A Seven
B Ten
C Eleven
D Twelve

5 Where are the star constellations/clusters the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades first mentioned in the Bible?
A Psalms
B Job
C Song of Songs
D Ezekiel

6 In which Gospel does the Star of Bethlehem lead the wise men to the newly-born King of the Jews?
A Matthew
B Mark
C Luke
D John

7 Who is called the "bright morning star"?
A Peter
B Jesus
C John
D Mary, the Mother of Jesus

8 What do the Seven Stars of Revelation refer to?
A The Seven Churches
B The Seven Golden Lampstands
C The Seven Angels of the Seven Churches of Revelation
D None of the Above

9 What was the name of the star that fell from heaven and turned the waters bitter?
A Orion
B Wormwood
C Pleiades
D Ursa

10 Who wore on her head a crown of twelve stars with the moon under her feet?
A Mary
B The Church
C Israel
D All of the Above

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