February 23, 2021


Choose the one best answer:

1 Who gave Moses his name after he was discovered among the reeds along the Nile River?
A The midwife Shiphrah
B The midwife Puah
C The mother of Moses
D Pharaoh's Daughter

2 What wood was used to make the Ark of the Covenant?
A Acacia
B Birch
C Cedar
D Cypress

3 Who raised to life the son of the Shunammite woman?
A Isaiah
B Elijah
C Elisha
D Jonah

4 "The Lord is My Shepherd; I shall not want" is from the Book of:
A Job
B Ecclesiastes
C Psalms
D Proverbs

5 Which Book actually describes the Jewish New Year?
A Isaiah
B Jeremiah
C Ezekiel
D Daniel

6 Jesus recounts the Golden Rule in the Gospel of:
A Matthew
B Mark
C Luke
D John

7 St. Paul speaks of Christ emptying himself, divesting himself of all his privileges, in:
A Philippians
B Philemon
C Revelation
D Hebrews

8 Of the seven Churches of Revelation, which one did Jesus say “I love you?”
A Ephesus
B Sardis
C Pergamum
D Philadelphia

9 Jesus calls on the seven Churches of Revelation seven times to repent, except for:
A Ephesus and Thyatira
B Pergamum and Laodicean
C Philadelphia and Smyrna
D Sardis and Patmos

10 Paul’s first convert in Europe was Lydia, who was from:
A Ephesus
B Thyatira
C Sardis
D Smyrna

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