August 15, 2022


Choose the one best answer:

1 God created the stars on what day?
A The First Day
B The Third Day
C The Fourth Day
D The Sixth Day

2 Who was the mother of Ishmael?
A Eve
B Hagar
C Sarah
D Zipporah

3 Rebecca sent her son Jacob to live with her brother Laban in:
A Haran
B Tyre
C Acre
D Hebron

4 How many stars did Joseph see in his dream?
A Seven
B Nine
C Eleven
D Twelve

5 Which Old Testament Prophet from the Book of the Twelve was a descendant of Hezekiah?
A Zephaniah
B Zechariah
C Micah
D Jonah

6 Whose scroll did Jesus read in the synagogue in the town of Nazareth?
A Moses
B David
C Samuel
D Isaiah

7 Who did the Apostle Peter call "his son"?
A Matthew
B Mark
C Luke
D John

8 Jesus is comforted by an angel in the Agony in the Garden in the Gospel of:
A Matthew
B Mark
C Luke
D John

9 The first recorded entry of Christianity into Europe was by the Apostle Paul, into the country of:
A Greece
B Macedonia
C Italy
D Asia Minor

10 Which horse did Death ride in the Book of Revelation?
A A White Horse
B A Red Horse
C A Black Horse
D A Pale Horse

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