Authors at Bible Scripture

Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Carter

Founder of Bible Scripture, a Boston College theology graduate with a mission to make the Bible's wisdom vibrant and accessible. Elizabeth cherishes peaceful morning walks and deep conversations about faith over coffee. Her articles focus on guiding readers through scripture, transforming its teachings into an integral part of daily life, exploring the beautiful ways ancient words can inspire change.

Mikkel Andrews

Mikkel or Mike is a theology professor based in the Philippines. He has dedicated his life to walking with Christ and sharing His teachings. He's deeply involved in community outreach and constantly seeks to deepen his faith, whether through volunteering or immersing himself in theology books. Writing for Bible Scripture, Mikkel aims to make spirituality relatable, sharing insights that bridge ancient teachings with contemporary life.

Samuel Cho

Sam is a faith-focused writer from South Korea who merges his passion for writing with his love for Christ. His essays and articles for Bible Scripture aim to connect the divine with the everyday, drawing on Scripture and his own life experiences. Samuel's work often explores faith's role in daily life within an Asian context, inviting readers to reflect on universal truths through the lens of diverse faith experiences.

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