7 Christian daily practices you can adopt for deeper spiritual life

Daily practices for deepening Christian spiritual life

If you’re trying to deepen your spiritual life, applying the daily practices that Jesus himself demonstrated can bring you closer to God.

Emulating Jesus’ spiritual disciplines is a powerful way to deepen your faith.

This entails understanding and applying his teachings and practices to your everyday life, thereby nurturing a stronger connection with God.

In this article, we will delve into Jesus’ daily practices that you, as a Christian, can incorporate for a deeper spiritual life.

These practices are grounded in Scripture, promoting high biblical literacy, a grace-oriented approach, and practical daily applications.

1. Prayer: A powerful connection to God

Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the most profound practices Jesus consistently engaged in was prayer.

He often withdrew from the crowd, even his closest disciples, to engage in private prayer (Luke 5:16). His prayers were intimate conversations with God, expressing his desires, and concerns, and surrendering to God’s will.

Prayer offers a direct line of communication with God. It’s a time to share our thoughts, feelings, and struggles with Him.

But it’s not just about talking — it’s also about listening. In the quietness of prayer, we can hear God’s voice and discern His guidance for our lives.

Incorporating prayer into your daily routine can enhance your spiritual life significantly. It cultivates a deep sense of faith and trust in God, nurtures inner peace, and provides spiritual strength in challenging times.

2. Fasting: A discipline for spiritual growth

Fasting was another fundamental practice that Jesus followed.

Before he started his public ministry, Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11).

This period of fasting was a time of intense spiritual preparation and connection with God.

So, what’s fasting?

Fasting is voluntarily abstaining from food or other pleasures for a specific period. It’s a spiritual discipline that teaches self-control, patience, and focus on God.

It aligns our spirit with God’s will and helps us gain a deeper understanding of His word.

When you engage in fasting, you’re not just denying your physical hunger but also feeding your spiritual hunger. Your focus shifts from worldly desires to a longing for God’s presence and His righteousness.

As a result, adding fasting to your daily practices can bring about spiritual growth and transformation.

3. Practicing love: The cornerstone of Christian faith

While prayer and fasting are essential, one practice that Jesus emphasized above all else was love.

This might seem counter-intuitive when we think about spiritual disciplines, but it’s at the heart of Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus taught us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31).

Trust me, these aren’t just commandments — they’re practices that require daily commitment and action.

Practicing love means showing kindness and compassion, forgiving others, serving the needy, caring for the weak, and treating others with respect and dignity.

When we practice love in our daily lives, we’re not just following Jesus’ teachings — we’re embodying them.

4. Study of the Scriptures: Nourishing your spiritual life

Have you ever wondered how Jesus was so well-versed in the Scriptures?

It was because he made a deliberate effort to study and meditate on them.

Interestingly, Jesus often quoted scriptures during his teachings (Luke 4:4). He used them to explain and illustrate his messages, demonstrating his deep understanding and application of God’s words.

Studying the Scriptures is not just about reading the Bible. It’s about seeking to understand its meaning, reflecting on its application, and allowing it to shape our thoughts, actions, and decisions.

The Scriptures provide guidance for our lives, teaching us about God’s character, His promises, and His plan for humanity. They are a source of comfort, wisdom, and strength that can nourish our spiritual life every day.

Did you know? According to a study by the Center for Bible Engagement, people who engage with the Bible four or more times a week are less likely to engage in behaviors such as gambling, getting drunk, and viewing pornography.

5. Fellowship: Building relationships and community

Fellowship was a vital part of Jesus’ life.

He spent significant time with his disciples, teaching them, breaking bread with them, and sharing life’s experiences.

However, you should know that fellowship isn’t just about socializing, but about building meaningful relationships based on shared faith.

Simply put, it means that you’re supporting one another in the journey of faith, encouraging each other in spiritual growth, and holding each other accountable.

Here are some ways you can foster fellowship:

  • Participating in a Bible study group
  • Volunteering for church activities
  • Sharing meals with fellow believers
  • Praying together

Engaging in fellowship helps us grow spiritually, deepens our understanding of God’s word, and allows us to experience God’s love through the love of others.

6. Servitude: Emulating Jesus’ selfless love

If there’s one thing I can’t stress enough, it’s the importance of servitude in deepening Christian spiritual life. Jesus emphasized this throughout his ministry.

He washed his disciples’ feet, a task typically done by servants, to demonstrate the depth of servitude (John 13:1-17).

Servitude is about putting others’ needs before our own, just as Jesus did. It’s about demonstrating love through selfless acts of kindness and generosity.

And let’s be honest: it requires humility and a willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of others.

Incorporating servitude into our daily practices allows us to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. We can serve others in various ways – by volunteering our time, sharing our resources, or simply lending a listening ear to someone in need.

In essence, servitude challenges us to live out our faith in tangible ways, making our Christian walk more meaningful and authentic.

As we serve others, we grow spiritually and deepen our relationship with God.

7. Worship: Expressing love and adoration for God

Have you ever pondered on the significance of worship in your spiritual life?

Jesus, during his encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, emphasized the importance of true worshipers who worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24).

Worship is more than singing hymns or attending church services. It’s an expression of our love, adoration, and reverence for God.

Let me share a personal anecdote.

There was a time when I felt spiritually drained and distant from God. One day, while alone, I decided to worship – not just with songs but with heartfelt expressions of my love for God.

As I worshipped, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and a renewed connection with God. That experience made me realize the power and significance of worship in deepening our spiritual life.

And this is just one of many examples that make me believe one thing:

Worship is indeed a vital practice for deepening our Christian spiritual life.

Living out Jesus’ teachings

As you can see, deepening your Christian spiritual life isn’t just about acquiring knowledge. It’s about transforming that knowledge into action, living out the teachings of Jesus daily.

But these practices only work if you realize that they aren’t just religious obligations.

They’re pathways to nurturing a personal relationship with God, experiencing His presence in our lives, and growing in our faith.

They’re not steps to earn God’s love but responses to the love He has already shown us.

Even though each of these practices requires commitment, consistency, and a heart that yearns for God, the rewards are immeasurable:

A deeper connection with God, spiritual growth, and a life that reflects the love and grace of Jesus.

Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Carter

I'm Elizabeth Carter, the heart behind Biblescripture.net. I’m a theology graduate from Boston College who found her calling in making the Bible's wisdom vibrant and accessible. Alongside my studies, I cultivated a love for peaceful morning walks and deep conversations about faith over coffee. Every day, I'm here to walk with you through scripture, making its teachings not just accessible, but a vibrant part of your daily life. Join me in discovering how these ancient words can transform us in the most beautiful ways.

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