May 20, 2020


1 God established his first Covenant with Noah (Genesis 6:18).

2 The ancestry line of King David and Jesus sprang from Seth, the third son of Adam (Genesis 4:25, Ruth 4:17, Luke 3:38).

3 Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for the sin of Sodomy or homosexuality (Genesis 19:1-14).

4 Nebuchnezzar saw 4 in the furnace fire - Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and a fourth that looked like a Son of God (Daniel 3:25, or 3:92 in the Greek Septuagint which includes the Song of the Three Young Men).

5 Nehemiah rebuilt the Gates and Walls of Jerusalem during the Restoration of Israel (Nehemiah 2:8, 3:1-32).

6 Peter called Mark his son, who was with him in Rome (First Peter 5:13). Colossians 4:10 also suggests Mark was in Rome during the imprisonment of Paul and Aristarchus. Peter is considered a primary source of Mark's Gospel, as Mark was Peter's "interpreter," according to Papias of Hierapolis and Eusebius of Caesarea in his Ecclesiastical History (Eusebius 2:15:1-2).

7 Zacchaeus the tax collector of Jericho climbed a sycamore tree to see Jesus (Luke 19:1-10). The Sycamore tree in Israel was an important source of figs. The Prophet Amos was a keeper of Sycamore fruit trees (Amos 7:14).

8 The first miracle Jesus performed in the Gospel of John was turning water into wine at the Wedding Feast of Cana (John 2:1-11).

9 Paul of Tarsus took 4 missionary journeys, three from Antioch, and his voyage in chains to Malta and Rome. As Paul was directed to Rome by the Lord himself in Acts 23:11, his voyage to Malta and Rome served as his fourth missionary journey, detailed in Chapters 27-28 of the Acts of the Apostles. Paul fulfilled Christ's mission given in Luke 24:47-49 and Acts 1:8 to be His witness to "the ends of the earth."

10 The "Book of Life" is recorded 8 times in the New Testament, the first time in Paul's Letter to the Philippians 4:3, and the remainder in the Book of Revelation.

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